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31 December 1990
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Well, I was just a silent reader for some time, but now I wanna introduce myself and give support to those users that I admire 8D. I'm into yaoi stories from Kpop, but really that's the only yaoi I read. I'm into any genre as long as you don't make it too cliched. I love my teeth-rotting fluff, but also some heart-breaking angst. Smut is always a bonus :D. I may publish my stories up here on livejournal after I revise them. I'm good in English, I love in the US, so if you need a beta....~ I'm friendly and almost on livejournal all the time because, I am in love with the stories I read. If you have any recommendations, please tell~ I like all sorts of people and fics, so don't be shy! Er.. I should take my own advice. Thankyu~ Aasu-Kaze